One local’s loneliness leads to the creation of a rocky online community

Ever move to a new area or back to a previous area where you knew little to no other people? If so, then you can probably relate to Sandy and the loneliness she felt when she moved back to Petaluma, California, after a 35 year hiatus. 

She wanted to find her community and after a while, instead of waiting for it to fall into her lap, Sandy took some advice and help from a few friends and started an online page — a Facebook group, with one member. 

Little did this gardener know, that on that day, back on September 26, 2016, her little Facebook group would grow into an over 1,000 member Facebook community that would not only transform her sadness but also many, many, many others in and around Petaluma. 

On December 13, 2017, Lori shared her find on the Petaluma Rocks Facebook page, “Found in drive thru! My first! Definitely makes me happy ❤️ What a beauty”. 

Petaluma Rocks
Lori finds painted rock in Petaluma Starbucks Drive Thru

Lori, like others in the area, find happiness in the form of painted rocks, some with images and others with inspirational words or quotes, all made by volunteers varying in age and skill level, with the soul intent of spreading kindness and goodwill.


Painted Rocks
Karen shares some painted rocks with the Facebook group, Petaluma Rocks, before she hides them around the city.

Many people keep the rocks, while some choose to re-hide them for others to find. 

Often times, the rocks invite the finder to join the Facebook group, to become part of a greater purpose and to share their find with fellow “Petaluma Rockers”. 

Post to Petaluma Rocks
The back of Lori’s painted rock invites her to post a picture of her find on the Facebook page, Petaluma Rocks.

Sandy and a few other members of the Petaluma Rocks community are excited to share their time and talents at the January 27th, Creator Faire, where families will have the opportunity to paint and hide their own kindness rocks in a fun, group setting. 

However, painting, hiding and of course finding rocks, are encouraged as a fun and thoughtful family activity everyday of the year!

Family Activities



New Bronze Sponsor

One of Pediatric Dentistry Raymond A. Ramos, D.S.S and Associates’s main goals is to help all children feel good about visiting the dentist and teach them how to care for their teeth.

With this goal in mind, this local favorite kid’s dentist is returning to the 2018 Creator Faire, not only to host a hands-on Creator Station, but also contribute financially as a Bronze Sponsor!

Thank you for your generosity and continued support! We look forward to watching our community learn to floss — with a crafty twist.


For more information, visit 

Creator Faire Supporting Sponsor Receives Spectacular News!!!

Internationally recognized artist and River Montessori Dad, Edwin Hamilton of Hamilton Stoneworks, sculpture has been selected for 2018 Venice exhibit.

It’s not everyday that one gets the opportunity to learn from and create with an internationally recognized artist but come to the maker-style Creator Faire on January 27 and you will get to do just that.

Edwin Hamilton of Hamilton Stoneworks just announced that he is one of 30 international sculptures and over 150 architects whose work has been selected to be part of the exhibition “Time-Space-Existence” at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Edwin’s piece, pictured above, will be on display in the beautiful Marinaressa Gardens, Venice, from May 26th through November 25th, 2018.

Congratulations Edwin and family!!! Very well deserved recognition to you and your talents.

For more information, visit Sonoma County’s own, Hamilton Stoneworks here and here on Facebook. 

Another Local Business Gives Back!

Since 1946, Friedman’s has been a community stronghold – first in Petaluma, then throughout Northern California. They’ve made it a point of pride to establish within their own community, to get involved, stay true to their local roots and operate a family-owned and independent business with integrity.

Thanks to the generosity of this local home improvement store, the River Montessori Foundation is excited and able to purchase $100 worth of much needed supplies for the 2018 Creator Faire!

Thanks, Friedman’s! We hope to see your family on January 27.

Gold Sponsor ~ Kiwanis!!!!!

We are thrilled to thank and welcome back for the 2nd year as our top event sponsor, The Petaluma Kiwanis Club!

The Petaluma Kiwanis Club, which was chartered in 1954, focuses on changing the world by serving children, one child and one community at a time. Service is at the heart of every Kiwanis Club and the Petaluma Kiwanis are no exception.

Each year, the Petaluma Kiwanis Club donates about $80,000 to education scholarships, community projects and non-profits organizations just like the River Montessori Foundation. They also have their own service projects and are proud sponsors of student clubs and projects at the many local schools.

By working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. Kiwanis believe, when you give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, GREAT things happen!

We believe this too!

The Creator Faire is about bringing the whole community together to provide our children an opportunity to experience hands-on art and sciences in a fun and safe environment.

We are thrilled to thank, partner with and welcome back, for the 2nd year in a row, the Petaluma Kiwanis Club, as the Creator Faire’s top supporter, the Gold Sponsor! 

Learn more about this fun and giving organization by visiting their website or jump right in and join one of their many meetings as an honored guest.

7th Grade Entrepreneur

If you like the slimy, slippery feel of slime, be sure to visit Creator Faire host, Haven and her business, Mermaid Slime 4U on January 27, 2018 at 3880 Cypress Drive, Petaluma.

According to, “Slime is typically composed of tangled, long-chain polymer molecules. These polymer molecules can be thought of as spaghetti strands. When put together on a plate, the strands are mixed together making a tangled mess. If the strands are rubbed together, they line up and become smooth. This motion gives the mass it’s slimy, slippery feel”.

If you like the slimy, slippery feel of slime, be sure to visit Creator Faire host, Mermaid Slime 4U, to play with and learn how to make this tangled mess of long-chain polymer molecules into a smooth pile of fun.

12-year-old, Haven’s favorite perfectly aligned tangled mess is her Strawberry Frosting Slime because it’s soft and fun to play with. She started her slime-making business in July of 2017. Haven likes mermaids and really wanted a fun brand, hence her awesome business name, Mermaid Slime 4U.

When this 7th grader isn’t busy fulfilling orders from her Etsy shop, you can find her practicing gymnastics, dance or reading her favorite book, “Because of Winn Dixie”.

She says she is looking forward to teaching kids how to make slime and sharing her love for it at the Creator Faire on January 27. 

If you simply can’t wait that long to experience this strange mixture of art and science, you can purchase a variety of different slimes from Haven’s Etsy shop under Mermaidslime4U or follow her often glittery work on Instagram at mermaid.slime4U.

2018 Ticket Sales — Coming Soon!

Tickets to the January 27, 2018 Creator Faire will go on sale January 1, 2018.  You’ll be able to purchase tickets in advance or at the event.  Ticket cost is a recommended donation of $7 (per person) or $25 (per family).