Regardless of your knowledge and experiences with science, YOU have what it takes to be a Facilitator of Science Learning for your child. ​ It all begins with using WONDER AS YOUR COMPASS.

Some of you may recognize Jayme Cellitioci’s  name from the invention programs she has brought to River Montessori Charter School. Well, she has recently published a book called Wonder Is My Compass. It is a “momoir” that focuses on empowering parents to be confident facilitators of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) in everyday family life. Read a few sample pages here.

Wonder is My Compass
Bring your copy to get signed at the Creator Faire! 

Jayme is a creativity and innovation practitioner, facilitator, and strategist. She holds a BS in Psychobiology, an MS in Creativity and Change Leadership, and a Professional Certificate in Free-Choice Learning. From researching seals in the Netherlands and Greece to eco-tourists’ environmental knowledge in Australia, her passion for science learning has taken her around the globe.

Creator Faire Host and Local Author, Jayme Cellitioci

In Wonder is My Compass, she shares, “Whether you are a Science Dreamer or a Science Screamer (eek—a frog!), you have the ability to guide your child toward success in a science-rich future.”

As a professional science educator, and fellow parent, Jayme offers practical tips and inspired insights to Chart Your Family’s Course for science learning.

Stop by her “Wonder Station” at the Creator Faire and meet Jayme, our friend and local author. While books will not be sold at the event, she would be happy to sign copies that are brought to the Fair. You can find Wonder is My Compass on Amazon — last minute holiday gift idea, perhaps?!?!

She looks forward to wondering with you on January 26, 2019.

One local’s loneliness leads to the creation of a rocky online community

Ever move to a new area or back to a previous area where you knew little to no other people? If so, then you can probably relate to Sandy and the loneliness she felt when she moved back to Petaluma, California, after a 35 year hiatus. 

She wanted to find her community and after a while, instead of waiting for it to fall into her lap, Sandy took some advice and help from a few friends and started an online page — a Facebook group, with one member. 

Little did this gardener know, that on that day, back on September 26, 2016, her little Facebook group would grow into an over 1,000 member Facebook community that would not only transform her sadness but also many, many, many others in and around Petaluma. 

On December 13, 2017, Lori shared her find on the Petaluma Rocks Facebook page, “Found in drive thru! My first! Definitely makes me happy ❤️ What a beauty”. 

Petaluma Rocks
Lori finds painted rock in Petaluma Starbucks Drive Thru

Lori, like others in the area, find happiness in the form of painted rocks, some with images and others with inspirational words or quotes, all made by volunteers varying in age and skill level, with the soul intent of spreading kindness and goodwill.


Painted Rocks
Karen shares some painted rocks with the Facebook group, Petaluma Rocks, before she hides them around the city.

Many people keep the rocks, while some choose to re-hide them for others to find. 

Often times, the rocks invite the finder to join the Facebook group, to become part of a greater purpose and to share their find with fellow “Petaluma Rockers”. 

Post to Petaluma Rocks
The back of Lori’s painted rock invites her to post a picture of her find on the Facebook page, Petaluma Rocks.

Sandy and a few other members of the Petaluma Rocks community are excited to share their time and talents at the January 27th, Creator Faire, where families will have the opportunity to paint and hide their own kindness rocks in a fun, group setting. 

However, painting, hiding and of course finding rocks, are encouraged as a fun and thoughtful family activity everyday of the year!

Family Activities