A Look Back

The Creator Faire, now in its fourth year, has been a great success with over 500 people in attendance last year alone, raising thousands of dollars for the school.  Check out some of the amazing stations children and adults have enjoyed.

Photos courtesy of ByLorena Photography.

Aspiring artists of all ages created and collaborated with Projector Murals.
We recreated a childhood classic with Shrinky Dinks and watched the magic unfold.
Attendees put their mark on reusable tote bags with Rubber Block Stamps!
We swung into creativity with Pendulum Painting.



They came, they set up, we battled.  Such fun with Battling Robots courtesy of Bot Bash Parties!
We saw a lot of flashy pins and hair accessories with LED Creations.








Our Balloon Fortress grew and grew!  So many people put their twist on it.
Oobleck…is it a solid or a liquid?  Either way, it was a smashing success to explore!
So many shapes, letters, and designs came to life on a giant Geo Board.
Have you drawn inside a Mirror Box?  Tricking our brain was a fun experiment!
Cork Boats were designed and built then sailed away.
A return to simpler times as children learned to Spin Wool.
Up, down, and around we went with several Marble Runs, generously provided by Toy B Ville.
We explored and created with Magnetic Building Blocks from tegu, generously provided by Toy B Ville.
Kids came together to collaborate on Lego Creations.
Children of all ages built and tested their very own Mini Catapults!
Up, up, and away went Paper Rockets.
Beautiful music with handmade instruments courtesy of Young Performers International.











































View more photos of the 2017 event here.

“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”

 – Maya Angelou