Hands-On Learning — Not Only Fun, But Better For Kids!

“All the changes in man’s environment are brought about by his hands. Really, it might seem as if the whole business of intelligences is to guide their work.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori, 1964

Hands-on learning — in which children work directly with materials, putting their minds to work while their minds work their hands — is an essential part of the annual Creator Faire, and to the Montessori educational approach. But why is hands-on learning so important?

In her anthropological studies, Dr. Maria Montessori noticed that the use of hands in learning could be traced back to early human development. As early humans began to walk upright on two legs, this freed up their hands as tools used to hunt and gather food, and eventually to make tools that helped them in those tasks and many others.

As children grow, some of the earliest signs of their development are in the hands, as they grasp objects, put their hands in their mouths, and eventually begin to purposefully grasp and pick things up, pull themselves to standing, feed themselves, and much more. Just as with early humans, they navigate their environment using their hands.

Neuroscience shows that infants and children — and even us adults — 2018 Creator Faire Volunteer, Cork Boat Station take in plenty of information about our surroundings through our hands. “The brain has devoted so much space for the mastery of working with our hands that if our bodies were proportioned accordingly we would stand about one foot high with hands five to six feet tall at our sides,” writes former Montessori teacher and author Rebecca Jenke.

In fact, research has confirmed that content and skills learned through hands-on engagement are better understood and more easily recalled. What’s more, students who use their hands to manipulate their learning directly are more intrinsically motivated, with their desire to learn more likely to continue because it comes from within themselves rather than from others.

For all these reasons and many more (hint: it’s fun!), the 4th Annual Creator Faire provides children and their adults with plenty of hands-on opportunities to learn, play, experiment, muck around, plant, paint, construct, and even destruct!

2018 Creator Faire, Paper Rocket StationDon’t miss your chance to get your hands dirty with learning and play at the 2019 Creator Faire event on Saturday, January 26. Tickets are donation based and available at-the-door or online. Go ahead and click that link today!

“I’m Going to Disneyland” — Creator Faire Volunteers are our Champions

Ever since the 1987 Super Bowl ad linking championship sports teams to Disneyland visits, a trip to the popular theme park has been a popular way to celebrate a victory while escaping the everyday.


Thanks to the generosity of the Disney parks, some of the January 26, 2019 Creator Faire volunteers get the same privilege.

Each year, Disney Parks celebrates family volunteering by awarding one-day passes to select nonprofits. What better way to give away four (more or less depending on your immediate family size) of these Parkhopper tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure — and show our deep gratitude — than to draw a name from the list of nearly 100 incredible Creator Faire volunteers?

Volunteers are vital to this extraordinarily complex annual community event! They help with everything from organizing stations of their own to setting up the many rooms of equipment, from guiding students through the activities to cooking delicious food that feeds their busy brains, to cleaning it all up at the end.

Creator Faire Volunteers

By our quick calculations, the 2018 event took more than 65 parent (and grandparent) volunteers to pull off — plus the patience and commitment of dozens of their children before, during, and even after the event during an all-hands-on-deck cleanup.

Creator Faire Volunteer

Last year, Matt Weekley was the lucky winner.

Who will join Super Bowl champs, Miss America, Santa Claus, and Bruce Springsteen in exclaiming “I’m going to Disneyland!” in January 2019?

Sign up to volunteer HERE!!!

2018 Ticket Sales — Coming Soon!

Tickets to the January 27, 2018 Creator Faire will go on sale January 1, 2018.  You’ll be able to purchase tickets in advance or at the event.  Ticket cost is a recommended donation of $7 (per person) or $25 (per family).