THE GOLDEN RULE — Shining support from the Petaluma Kiwanis Club

One of the central tenets of the international Kiwanis Club is applying the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So it’s especially appropriate that the local Petaluma Kiwanis Club has been a Gold Sponsor of the Creator Faire for the past two years — and will join us once again in sponsoring the January 26, 2019 event!

Every Kiwanis club is given the freedom to choose projects to support that best meet the needs of the children in their local community. In Petaluma, our local chapter believes deeply in the value of providing the community’s children with opportunities to work, play, and grow together — a great fit for the mission of the Creator Faire.


Chartered in 1954, the Petaluma Kiwanis Club donates about $80,000 every year to education scholarships, community projects and non-profit organizations like the River Montessori Foundation. They also have their own service projects and are proud sponsors of student clubs and projects at many other local schools.

Around the world, Kiwanis members stage approximately 150,000 service projects and raise nearly $100 million every year for communities, families and projects. Talk about a commitment to our children!

Learn more about this supportive organization by visiting their website or their Facebook page — or jump right in and join one of their many meetings as an honored guest. Meetings are held every Tuesday at noon at the Boulevard Café & Grill in Petaluma, except the 4th week of every month, which is a 6:00PM Wednesday dinner at the same location.

Thank you, Petaluma Kiwanis Club, for you continued support!!!